Friday, March 13, 2020

Politics of Air essays

Politics of Air essays Air pollution isnt really something that the residents of Portland really think about; everyone seems to think that air pollution is something that only affects cities such as Los Angeles and New York something that wont affect Portland. But the truth is that if Portland doesnt continue to improve is transit systems, and monitor the air quality, Portland could turn into another LA. The figure below indicates the huge changes which have been made over the past 25 years and indicates just how far we have come in such a relatively short time. As a little history, one must keep in mind; these emission regulations for diesel engines are relatively in their infancy compared to the industry in general. Engine emission regulations started for automobiles in 1970, diesels only started being regulated in 1974 and then really only for smoke until 1978. Real emission testing didnt take effect until the advent of steady state transient testing that was instituted in 1979, since then we have come a long way. Using unregulated engines of the 70s as a base, which would blow black soot out the tail pipe all over your car if you were following a transit bus back then. Now we have the clean diesel engines of today, which have reduced NOx by over 75% and particulate by over 95%. (See EPA figure 1.) Controlling these pollutants is important to all that live in this environment that is why there are standards and regulations set to control these pollutants. A company called Cummins has had an inguinal part in building engines that meet and exceed the standards set for all these elements of regulated and non-regulated pollutants. This company works on the engines that run the Tri-Met busses. They have been able to improve the engines by improving the cylinder & piston, increased turbo charging technology, better electronic fuel injection and variable timing, along with improvements in engine fuels and oil technologie...

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